News - March 2021

On This Day: 31st March

The end of March is nigh and with it we move swiftly onto the final day of the month, the 31st, and a look back at matches on this day across the club’s history.

On This Day: 30th March

Without further ado we hasten on to 30th March, the penultimate day of the third month of the year.

(Not) On This Day: 29th March

On we move to 29th March with our retrospective ‘On This Day’ series and begin today with a 1913 London League match against Bronze Athletic, close rivals of Hampstead Town in the early days, which was won 1-0 courtesy of a strike from George Garlick.

On This Day: 28th March

Today’s look back at matches in the club’s history for our ‘On This Day’ feature sees a return to more normal workloads with 19 matches having taken place through the years.

Support Finlay Johnson's 5K for 50 Days Run

Our former Under-23 manager and current Chalfont St Peter first-team manager FInlay Johnson is currently running 5K every day for 50 Days to create a fund for children between the ages of 3 and 16 to receive new football boots when grass roots football returns.

On This Day: 27th March

It’s another busy day today in the ‘On This Day’ section with a further 23 matches to look back on, albeit including one for which we have a date, but not a result.

Perry signs a contract

With Lee Allinson in place for the 2021/22 campaign he is already busy preparing his squad for the coming season and has agreed a 1-year contract with left-back Lucas Perry.

On This Day: 26th March

Today’s retrospective takes in a mammoth 24 matches that have occurred on 26th March, all but one of which has been a competitive fixture.

On This Day: 25th March

We move the ‘on this day’ section onto 25th March and following the glory of yesterday’s Isthmian League title win it’s a return to the relative mundanity of life in Non-League football.

(Not) On This Day: 24th March

Moving onto 24th March and a day that will provide many Hendon supporters with some happy memories for a large variety of reasons.

On This Day: 23rd March

The 23rd March has seen the club so far play 18 matches over the years beginning in 1912 with a London League match away at Nunhead.

Allinson signs extension

We are delighted to be able to confirm that manager Lee Allinson has committed his immediate future to the club and signed a 2-year extension to his contract.

On This Day: 22nd March

Today’s review takes us back through the years to look at matches we’ve played on the 22nd March.

On This Day: 21st March

As we move on to look at matches that have taken place on 21st March across the history of Hendon Football Club today’s review is a piece in three movements.

(Not) On This Day: 20th March

Our look back at on-field action from matches on 20th March begins in the club’s first season and a Finchley & District League Division 3 fixture at home to Johnsons Athletic in which Christ Church Hampstead recorded a 3-0 win to further increase their chances of a title at the first attempt.

On This Day: 19th March

We reach the 19th March and a day which holds a special place in the memory of some older supporters whilst more recent converts to the Hendonian cause have had rather less to cheer over the past 55 years.

On This Day: 18th March

Where 17th March was one of the quieter days in history, today’s round-up sees no fewer than 24 competitive fixtures on the ledger for us to have a look back through.

(Not) On This Day: 17th March

17th March, famously the day named for St Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, has been the quietest in terms of football for the Greens with just 13 matches played.

On This Day: 16th March

Focus switches quickly onto 16th March, a day which has seen the club in action on no fewer than 24 occasions, three of which have been friendly matches.

On This Day: 15th March

We find ourselves back on track with a look back at matches on 15th March since 1908 and a day in which there is an equal split between wins, defeats and everything in-between.

(Not) On This Day: 14th March

Following a couple of days of comparative struggle the 14th March sees a resounding return to form throughout the history of the club with two-thirds of the 18 matches to have taken place on this date resulting in success.

Start date for 2021/2 season confirmed

The Pitching In Southern League have confirmed the start date for the 2021/2 campaign.

(Not) On This Day: 13th March

Belatedly we move our retrospective onto 13th March and a day which, frankly, is short on highlights from a Hendon point of view.

Archive update

With thanks to Chris Rogers and research undertaken through the British Newspaper Archive online we have been able to fill in some gaps from the 1926/7 season.

On This Day: 12th March

Following the epic cup successes of yesterday, today sees more cup semi-final success that whilst fewer in number are arguably greater in prestige.

(Not) On This Day: 11th March

The 11th March is another day that has seen plenty of action that has been central to the long history of Hendon Football Club, particularly in cup ties that led to eventual silverware as we’ll see.

On This Day: 10th March

Our ‘on this day’ series continues unabated and moves onto 10th March and begins in 1923 with a 0-0 draw against Southall in the Middlesex Senior Cup about which there is little more to say aside from both sides earned the chance to do it all over again.

On This Day: 9th March

It’s 9th March and as a result we take our retrospective back to the date of the same name and look at matches that occurred on this day over the last 113 years.

On This Day: 8th March

We reach 8th March today on our look back at matches ‘on this day’ and begin in 1913 in the Middlesex League Premier Division with a home match against Walthamstow Grange.

On This Day: 7th March

Our look back at matches on this day moves swiftly on to 7th March, the day when last season we played what turned out to be our final match of the 2019/20 campaign.

On This Day: 6th March

6th March has proven to be a trickier day than many that we’ve had a look back but there is one definite highlight along the way as well as a day that a midfielder of a certain vintage can look back on with some degree of fondness.

On This Day: 5th March

Today’s retrospective looks back at results, goals and performances on 5th March across the history of Hendon Football Club.

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On This Day: 4th March

Our look back at matches in the club’s history moves on to 4th March and begins in 1911 on the day that Victor Berger of Wisconsin becomes the 1st socialist congressman in the US.

Season Tickets

As you will have seen via the website and social media channels it was confirmed on Wednesday evening last week that the 2020/1 Southern League campaign has been curtailed with immediate effect pending FA Council approval.

On This Day: 3rd March

The third day of the third month has traditionally been a pretty good day for Hendon Football Club with wins outweighing defeats by more than three to one.

On This Day: 2nd March

The 2nd day of March brings with it a mixed bag in terms of on-field results for Hendon over the years although we begin in 1912 with a game, the result of which is currently unknown.

McLoughlin steps down

Assistant manager Eddie McLoughlin has this evening confirmed on Twitter that he will be moving on from the dugout and leaving the club.

On This Day: 1st March

The history of Hendon Football Club on a day-by-day basis marches on unabated into the third month of the year, March.

(Not) On This Day: 29th February

We move on to the shortest look back at events (not) on this day as we take in the leap year day of 29th February and just five matches to have taken place.