Funding our Future update

Greensnet Editor
Sun 07 Apr 2024, 13:20

Over the weekend, the Hendon FC Funding our Future initiative broke the £6,000 mark, thanks to donations from 32 individuals.

We’re delighted to see such progress since launching the scheme that will replace the Twelfth Man Fund and help the club meet its many funding commitments for the 2024/25 season.

The average donation from the 32 individuals currently stands at £192. There are 641 individuals in the “Fans of Hendon FC” Facebook group, and if each was able to contribute £192, then we would raise £123,000. Of course, we recognise that everyone can only contribute what they can afford and that everyone’s circumstances differ.

However, now more than ever, the owners of Hendon Football Club—the Supporters Trust members—need to work together as best we can. Many hands make light work, and the more supporters able to contribute, the brighter the club’s future will be.

To give us the best chance of giving Lee a competitive budget for the 2024/25 campaign, to help us meet what could be significantly increased travel costs for the 2024/25 season, and to meet other rising administration costs, we are asking supporters to donate whatever they can between now and the end of April to aid our planning for next season.

If you can donate £10 or £1000, every single amount makes our lives easier when discussing with the management team ahead, planning travel, hospitality, kit, training equipment, physio equipment and many other things ahead of next season. You can donate by clicking here.

All club owners will receive a newsletter from the Supporters Trust board updating them on the club’s financial position following the AGM and SGM in January. They will also be invited to monthly meetings in May, June, and July to receive a full progress report ahead of next season.

Hendon FC is a very special club because it is within our control to provide everyone at Silver Jubilee Park with a bright future.

If you would like to join the Hendon FC Supporters Trust and become an owner of our club, you can do so online now by clicking here and choosing from one of our new membership tiers to enjoy a range of outstanding benefits.

The next few weeks are critical; please help us help you enjoy next season by contributing whatever you can and supporting the Supporters Trust Board's ongoing and tireless endeavours to create new, sustainable income streams.

The future’s bright, the future’s Green and White.