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Possible new filming partner - your help needed

Greensnet Editor
Sun 31 Jul 2016, 10:08

Now that Football Exclusives are not going to be fiming our matches, we've been looking at alternative approaches. We've been talking to one company, FC Video, who will do the following for each home and away game:
- Film full match, including any mascots etc
- Film any post match interviews with manager or sponsor presentations (ie man of the match)
- Provide the following, normally on a dedicated youtube channel:
- Match Highlights – normally around 8 mins long
- Highlights include full team line-ups, graphics, replays etc
- Post Match Interviews
- Vines (not on the channel)

They aim to get goal Vines & Interviews up on the day (unless it's an evening game) – with highlights up by the following day.

They will charge us £85 per match which works out at about £4,250 for the whole season.

Unfortunately, we're not in a position to be able to absorb that cost so the purpose of this post is to ask - on a no-commitment basis at this stage - if you would be interested in paying £10 per month for 9 months (September to May) or an £80 lump sum up-front to help defray these costs.

If we have enough people prepared to do this, we'll continue our discussions and will then ask people to set-up standing orders or pay the lump sums.

If you're interested, please drop a quick email to Simon Lawrence on as soon as possible.