Gary's thoughts on Brentwood draw

Greensnet Editor
Mon 28 Mar 2016, 11:44

Gary McCann was very frustrated after Brentwood's last gasp equaliser on Saturday afternoon

He said, "It was very disappointing to drop two points with almost the last kick of the match, a game in which we should have been out sight by the time they got their equaliser.

"The feeling in the dressing room is that we lost the game, which is a good sign. I thought we were very good in the second half and rarely looked in danger.

"We were denied by a goalkeeper who was inspired and there was always a feeling that there was the chance that by not taking our chances it could come back to bite us.

"We had a very young team, and I thought they performed well, but we were limited in our options from the bench to close the game out. It was a touch of inexperience that saw us wind down the clock and better game-management with a corner in the 92nd minute was needed. A big positive was Maz came through his first start in four months.

"We had more than enough chances to win the game and I could not see where they would score. But the moment we conceded that corner, I had a bad feeling about the way we had set up.

"I don't think anyone was to blame for their equaliser: Sam Flegg got a terrible bounce which deflected off him for the corner and then Joe was impeded as he tried to come for the ball.

"The wind took the ball and Big Dave could not have done much more as it swung towards the line."