New Year draw gives away nearly £1000

Greensnet Editor
Sat 31 Dec 2011, 19:04

The New Year draw was also made after the game today, with £950 worth of prizes being given away.

The winner of the £250 first prize was ticket number 2231, whilst the £100 second prize was won by ticket number 2270.

There were twelve further prizes of £50, and they were won by ticket numbers (in the order they were drawn) 1379, 1578, 1018, 978, 463, 292, 2201, 1956, 1765, 1976, 177 and 1501.

All winners who weren't present at the draw will be contacted by the Supporters Trust over the next few days.

The Supporters Trust would like to thank every one who supported this, and all other fundraising efforts throughout 2011, and they look forward to your continued support as we move into the new year.