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Under 18s share the goals

Greensnet Editor
Mon 11 Apr 2011, 17:15

In their championship winning 12-0 victory yesterday, the under 18s had no less than eleven different scorers, eclipsing their recent 15-0 win over Enfield Community when they had ten scorers.

The only player to score twice was Patrick Daval, whilst the only players who took part who didn't score were the right back and goalkeeper. The other scorers were Corey Stewart, Bradley Ambrose, Steven Gonzalez, Barkley Miguel Panzo, Jerome Ntumba, Jay Oloko, Sholto Nene, Ivan Tihati, Mohammed Afsari and Ferhat Pirudak.

Joint manager Jason Fevrier was delighted after the game and said "I was proud to be there to watch them play like that. We won the championship in great style and we played Yalova off the park today; our passing and movement was top class. At one point in the second half, such was our domination, I think our goalkeeper was sunbathing!"