Under 21s Fixtures & Results, 2007/2008

Fixture and results
Date Opposition Competition Result Scorers
Sat 24 May A Barn Elms League 2-1 G Garner, M Alsharaf
Sat 03 May H Harrow Club League 4-5 R O'Selle 2, S Connaughton 2
Wed 30 Apr A Harrow Club League 2-1 M Roche, R O'Selle
Sat 26 Apr A Sporting Hounslow League 7-1 M Roche, R O'Selle 4, D Bonjoko, B Taylor
Sat 19 Apr H AMU League 6-3 E Yildirim, S Connaughton 2, A Khan, M Roche, R O'Selle
Sat 12 Apr A Acton Town League 3-1 M Roche, G Garner 2
Sat 05 Apr A Hilltop League 5-3 M Roche, D Bonjoko, G Garner 3
Sat 29 Mar H Sporting Hounslow League 5-3 M Roche 2, J Abdulrahman, E Yildirim, B Taylor
Sat 15 Mar H The Wanderers League 6-0 D Bonjoko, R O'Selle 2, J Edy, E Yildirim, S Connaughton
Sat 01 Mar H Uxbridge Town League 3-1 S Connaughton, M Roche, E Yildirim
Sat 16 Feb H Renegades League 5-2 G Garner, E Yildirim, S Connaughton, R O'Selle, M Roche
Sat 12 Jan H Phoenix Rovers League 5-3 R O'Selle 4, B Taylor
Sat 05 Jan H FC Tilburg Regents League 4-6 G Garner 2, R O'Selle 2
Sat 15 Dec A Uxbridge Town League 1-6 M Roche
Sat 08 Dec H Phoenix Rovers League 6-2 J Abdulrahman, D Bonjoko, C Ciagoro 2, G Garner, M Roche
Sat 01 Dec A Renegades League 4-1 G Garner 3, M Roche
Sat 24 Nov H Harrow Club DC2 2-3 G Garner, M Roche
Sat 17 Nov A Warren League 5-5 G Garner 3, og, D Bonjoko
Mon 12 Nov H Hillingdon Borough MCYC2 - game awarded to Hillingdon Borough
Sat 10 Nov H Acton Town League 7-0 D Bonjoko 3, G Garner, P Stark, C Ciagoro 2
Sat 03 Nov A Willesden Constantine Reserves LC2 1-7 G Garner
Sat 27 Oct H Barn Elms League 1-4 G Garner
Sat 20 Oct A AMU League 3-2 M Roche, R O'Selle 2
Wed 17 Oct A Hampton & Richmond Borough MCYC1 5-3 M Hornblow 3, C Ciagoro, M Roche
Sat 13 Oct H Warren DC1 6-0 G Garner 2, R O'Selle 2, S Connaughton, M Hornblow
Sat 06 Oct A FC Tilburg Regents League 8-4 C Ciagoro 4, G Garner, R O'Selle, J Manzi, M Roche
Sat 29 Sep H Hilltop League 2-3 G Garner, S Connaughton
Sat 22 Sep A FC Tilburg Regents Reserves LC1 13-0 R O'Selle 3, S Connaughton 3, B Orm 2, G Garner 2, M Roche, M Hornblow, C Ciagoro
Sat 15 Sep H Warren League 3-0 M Roche, R O'Selle, G Garner
Sat 08 Sep H The Wanderers League 6-1 G Garner 3, N Haughton, S Connaughton, R O'Selle