Match Report

Slough Town
Saturday 29 January 2000
Isthmian League Premier Division

Match Report

A strong wind resulted in even honours for the Dons and the Rebels, in a fairly even encounter, only the second at the LOOT stadium since Slough's relegation from the Conference.

The match started off with Hendon pressuring Slough, partly due to the wind being in the Don's favour, and soon found their way past Danny Honey. Paul Scott took the ball on the right wing, and shot at the far post, but Honey got down to the shot, and pushed it wide of the post, so it ran parallel to the goal line. White, standing near the far post had the simple job of putting the ball in the net, despite the 'keepers best efforts - he dived again, but couldn't reach the ball.

This third minute goal seemed to spur the Rebels, who had a period of possession, but good defending by the Dons' defence stopped them from having any meaningful shots on goal. Hendon then had several chances which went wide of the goal, all from Kelly. Hendon also spotted Slough's two main weaknesses, Honey's kicking, which was poor all afternoon, and also David Timothy, who had a bad game all round. The Don's tried to exploit these, but failed to do so.

The Rebels had several periods of sustained pressure during the match, and won a lot of corners, but didn't make them count. Their best chance came from a break - Honey scuffed the ball whilst clearing, but it reached the halfway line, where a single pass cut through the Hendon defence, sending Richardson through. His powerful shot seemed destined for the back of the net, but an extraordinary diving save from McCann sent it wide for a goal kick.

Slough also had two penalty calls. The first came early on, when Fitzgerald threw himself in front of a shot, where the ball seemed to bounce off the defender's arm, but the calls were rejected by Mr. J Pearce, who was a reasonable referee overall. The second penalty appeal was given, when the ball struck Towler's arm. The resulting kick was confidently put away past McCann by Hawthorne.

The Dons felt that things were going against them by this point, as Scott was substituted after a leg injury, and a two footed sliding challenge from behind on Hyatt went unpunished, apart from a free kick.

The second half was dominated by the wind, with neither team able to get hold of the ball and keep possession for long enough to threaten properly. Slough's best, and only real chance was cleared off the line by Fitzgerald, although once or twice the Rebels benefited from prolonged periods of possession.

Hendon had little more success in getting shots on goal, as the wind was against them. There were a couple of chances though, the best falling to Haule, who faced an empty goal, but with a defender to get round first. This was due to Honey twice in a couple of minutes running out of the area to challenge Gentle, and the second time failing to get to the ball first, resulting in a spinning ball in the air. Haule also shot over from 10 yards, as did Hyatt from around 20 earlier in the half.


Gary McCann
John-Simon White
Matthew Howard
Jon Daly
Paul Towler
Gary Fitzgerald
Davis Haule
Freddie Hyatt
Paul Whitmarsh
Paul Scott
Warren Kelly
Dominic Gentle
Simon Clarke
Bontcho Guentchev

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John-Simon White

Slough Town

Squad unknown