Statement from the board

Greensnet Editor
Wed 17 Jan 2024, 19:39

The turnout at Oldham Athletic on Saturday for what proved to be the club's most memorable moment since the famous win at Leyton Orient from our supporters was nothing short of tremendous.

The players and management have made comment of the improved atmosphere at games, and how much difference the vociferous backing of supporters makes to performances.

However, the board have been made aware of an increase in incidences of supporters leaping over the perimeter fencing to celebrate goals with players. Entering the field of play as a supporter is a criminal offence and a potential safety issue.

Hendon Football Club would like to take this opportunity to state that any supporter identified entering the field of play will be banned from Silver Jubilee Park. In addition we will work with home clubs when Hendon Football Club to travel away to make them aware that these individuals should not be permitted entry.

We love your support and don't want to dampen your passion. However, we have a duty of care to other supporters, players, and officials, as well as ensuring compliance with FA rules and UK law.

Please keep up your incredible support but be smart. Celebrate with the fans, not on the pitch.