Home fans only for FA Cup

Greensnet Editor
Tue 29 Sep 2020, 11:46

We have just received a communication from the Football Association informing us that in cases where a "non-elite" club (Step 3 or below) hosts an "elite" club (Step 2 or above) in the FA Cup, only home fans will be allowed to attend.

While we are unclear as to the logic behind this decision, we have little choice but to follow the FA's directions. Therefore as we are in Step 3 and Maidstone United are a Step 2 club, this applies to our fixture on Saturday and we will only be allowed to host our own fans at Silver Jubilee Park.

We are in touch with Maidstone as to the implications of this decision and have paused all ticket sales for the time being. We also have to request that Stones fans do not travel as it appears we will not be allowed to admit you.

For those who hold tickets that they are now unable to use, we will provide further details once we have worked through everything - refunds will be provided if necessary.