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Gary reacts to Bognor defeat

Greensnet Editor
Mon 08 Dec 2014, 21:43

A very unhappy Hendon manager Gary McCann didn't pull any punches when he talked about Saturday's match at Bognor Regis Town.

He said, "We didn't start the game at all well and were blitzed in the first 25 minutes. The defending was not good enough and that goes from right-back to left-back. I think it was as poor as we have been all season.

"The opened us up at will, especially in the defensive end. It was very disappointing and I certainly didn't see that sort of display coming, given where we have been at in recent games.

"But, after the early shambles, I thought we had a degree of control, although they did sit back deeper to let us play.

"I believe that if we had taken one of our chances either before half-time, or just after, to make it 3-2, we could have got something from the game. I think they would have been on the rocks.

"The team I selected I thought would be good enough and we were deliberately quite offensive, but I don't think it would have mattered given the way we defended in the early part of the game. Far too many players were off their game and it was not good enough.

"All of the goals we conceded were very disappointing, but the last one didn't really matter as it came on a break as we were looking for a goal ourselves.

"The back four have not been criticised very often this season. Their performances have been of a high standard, but we dropped below the levels required Saturday. I do see this very much as a blip and expect a reaction."