Leatherhead reaction from Gary

Greensnet Editor
Sat 27 Sep 2014, 23:35

Gary McCann was delighted with his team's performance at Leatherhead. However, he did admit, "We could have made it easier for ourselves after the way we played in the first half. Our energy levels and passing was excellent and we looked very comfortable.

"We didn't want to risk Casey for the second half with the FA Cup in mind on Saturday. He said he was able to continue, but we weren't going to take the chance.

"Our play in the first half was excellent, but we did didn't keep the ball well enough in the second. It was a performance to contain rather than to dominate, and we didn't do it as efficiently as we wanted.

"Ben McNamara was so brave in the incident in which Mason-Hughes was sent off. Some of the players said it was the bravest piece of goalkeeping they had ever seen, and he got a very nasty cut to his lip."