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Gary disappointed and angry at Trophy exit

Greensnet Editor
Mon 02 Dec 2013, 13:34

Gary McCann was disappointed and angry following yesterday's exit from the FA Trophy at the hands of Whitstable Town.

"I am more than a little disappointed - and angry - with the result. I am really disappointed for everyone at the football club.

"It isn't often you hit the underside of the crossbar three times and don't get one bounce going your way. I thought we were more than a little unlucky in the first half.

"When you go a goal up against a team from a lower division you would expect your team to see the game out. But, even after we went a goal up, I was very concerned because they had shown that they could come back from a goal down in their recent matches. Three clean sheets in 25 games tells its own story.

"We dominated the first half after the scare in the first few seconds. I felt our quality from wide might have been a little better, but we controlled the game in the first half. It was a combination of bad luck and good goalkeeping that kept them in the game.

"At half-time I did say to the players that we had to put in the same level of effort as we had in the first half. We couldn't quite match the performance and the game did level out a bit more in the second half.

"It was more a matter of us losing the game than them winning it. Individually, we were the architects of our own downfall.

"Our focus now becomes on improving our position in the League. It expect a big reaction from the players."