Simon Lawrence to run London Marathon

Greensnet Editor
Thu 05 Jan 2012, 15:39

On 22nd April, Simon Lawrence will, injury permitting, running the London Marathon. and is taking the opportunity to raise fund for a couple of good causes.

He is looking forward to it immensely and training really hard with a view to going through the finish line at some point the same day!

The first cause is Aims2Cure a charity dedicated to raising money for research into Multiple Sclerosis. The Aims2Cure committee work really hard to fund the salaries for Research Scientists in the Department of Neuroinflammation at the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London. They are an inspirational group of people and are deserving of support.

The second cause is to help fund the formation of a proper youth section for Hendon FC. Statistics show that people from low income families and ethnic minority backgrounds are more likely than others to fail at school and end up on the margins of society.

The communities that are local to the club are areas of low income and house significant numbers of people from ethnic minority groups. A youth section would target young players from these communities to prevent them from becoming disengaged from society and falling into antisocial behaviour, by focusing their energy in a positive way within a supportive environment. Indeed the recent riots in London, perpetrated in some cases by people as young as 11, show the urgent need for a productive and focussed activity for young people.

All money raised will be split equally between these two causes.

Simon is very excited at the prospect of running the marathon. It's hard work but he knows that it will be worth it. It will be even better if he could help these two causes on the way so anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help, please visit Simon's Just Giving page linked below, send him a cheque made payable to HFCST to Simon to 45 Homefield Road, Radlett, Herts, WD7 8PX. or sign his sponsor form when you see him at a match.

Simon's Just Giving Page