Under 14 squad withdrawn

Greensnet Editor
Thu 06 Oct 2011, 11:10

It is with great disappointment that we have had to take the decision to withdraw our under 14 team from the Harrow Youth League with immediate effect. Unfortunately, despite a lot of hard work in trying to attract players, we have struggled to field a side in both games this season, and there were no signs that player availability was going to improve.

On a much more positive note, three players from the under 14 squad are now going to be drafted into the under 15s, a squad that have made a very good start to the campaign, and are showing some very good signs for the future. The under 15s now have alongside them the combined strengths of Andrew Reith, John McKinney and Alan Rolnick.

Youth development officer, Alan Rolnick, has admitted that he is very disappointed that we have had to take this action because so much effort was made pre-season to ensure that our youth programme could run two very successful teams fot the 2011-12 campaign.

He went on to say that in stressing this it's worth noting that 24 training sessions and 2 friendlies were held. He was surprised that attracting players to the club certainly proved to be a much greater mountain to climb that was originally anticipated. However, with the experience that the club has gained over the past few months, we have a much clearer picture as we plan for the 2012-13 season.