Clarification on yesterday's player news

Greensnet Editor
Mon 15 Aug 2011, 08:59

Gary McCann has asked us to clarify the situation with regard to Craig Carby's move to Northwood.

The reason that Craig feels that he is unable to really commit to the fight for his place in our starting XI is down to his work commitments. Gary said that Craig knows the expectations this year and wanted to be totally upfront with his situation.

His move to Northwood is on a dual-registration basis, as it was felt by both Craig and Gary that it was better for all concerned that he gets some important game time at Northwood, and we know that he will be in very good hands under the leadership of Gary Meakin.

Gary also said that Craig is still very much in our thinking, and remains registered with the Ryman League to play for Hendon.

We apologise to all concerned that the news item posted yesterday didn't make the above as clear as it should have done.