Dressing room volunteers required

Greensnet Editor
Wed 13 Jul 2011, 16:50

As you will be aware, we have a very small bunch of supporters who carry out a range of duties on home match days. One of these duties is to sweep out the dressing rooms (home, away and referee) after the game has finished and players and officials have vacated. It's manual work but not especially strenuous.

Those carrying out this duty do not miss any part of the game.

We're down to around 3 people who are willing and able to carry out this two-man duty. It's just not fair to them and so we really do now need to be able to share this duty around a little more.

Without additional volunteers, we will be forced to pay for someone to sweep out the dressing rooms and this will drain our already stretched resources even further.

Would you be prepared to volunteer this duty a couple of times a season? If so, please either speak to Simon Lawrence, or send an email to admin@hendonfc.net and your name & contact details will be passed on.