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Supporters Trust launch new fundraising schemes

Greensnet Editor
Mon 18 Apr 2011, 17:15

The Supporters' Trust have launched two new schemes where supporters can raise funds for the Trust whilst surfing the internet.

Easysearch is a search engine along the same lines as Google or Bing that will make a donation to the Supporters' Trust for every successful websearch from the funds paid to Easysearch by their advertising sponsors. By using Easysearch instead of Google, you will be able to raise funds for the club at no cost to yourself and still enjoy the very best results for every search. To begin searching and raising funds for the Supporters' Trust at the same time, please visit

In addition, the Trust has been registered as a cause with sister company Easyfundraising. Those of you who have used the Hendon webshop in the past will be familiar with the way Easyfundraising works. For every online purchase from a retailer's link on Easyfundraising, a percentage of the value of the purchase, or a fixed donation will be made to the Trust.

In addition, there are numerous discount vouchers and online only offers from companies offering everything from Finance to Dating, Phones to Books. In some cases, donations can be made simply by registering with a retailer or by claiming a free pay as you go Sim card. There are 10 times as many retailers on Easysearch than on Hendon FC, so to begin shopping simply visit