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Youth team presentations

Greensnet Editor
Tue 25 Jun 2002, 15:00

The annual youth team awards were presented on Sunday afternoon at the club. The award winners are as follows:

Under 18 Player of the year : Patrick Cronin
Under 18 Players player of the year : Kevin Knapper
Under 18 Clubman of the year : Steve Weston

Under 16 Player of the year : Ryan Nelson
Under 16 Players player of the year : Gabriel Marfo
Under 16 Clubman of the year : Daniel Hilton-Owen

Under 15 Player of the year : Cruz Mentore
Under 15 Players player of the year : Greg Ngoyi
Under 15 Clubman of the year : Simon Johnson

Under 14 Player of the year : Christopher Staples
Under 14 Players player of the year : Elliott Woods
Under 14 Clubman of the year : Admir Meha

Under 13 Player of the year : Ivailo Dimitrov
Under 13 Players player of the year : Tom Davies
Under 13 Clubman of the year : Anthony Wright