Player Sponsorship

The pricing structure for player sponsorship remains the same for the 2018/19 season.

Home kit is £90, whilst Away kit is £60. Also you could choose to sponsor both kits for £120. Sock sponsorship is again available to Under 16s at just £5.

All sponsors will see their name listed alongside their chosen player both online and in the matchday programme for the season and there are two slots available for each kit for each player.

To sponsor the player of your choice, please contact Simon Lawrence on

Current Sponsors
Name Home Kit Away Kit Socks
Riccardo Alexander-Greenaway Alan Wightman Alan Wightman  
Danny Boness Ritvars Gaiduls Ritvars Gaiduls Ellie Case-Edwards
Mark Boyce     Ashley Edwards
Cole Brown Walter Koller Walter Koller Spencer Taylor
Lee Chappell Tom Stockman Tom Stockman Ronan Corr
Gianni Crichlow      
Guri Demuria John Hodson John Hodson Niamh Taylor
Laste Dombaxe Bryan Roberts Bryan Roberts  
Ricardo German     Florence Edwards
James Gray Steve Lytton Steve Lytton  
Taishan Griffith     George Edwards
Howard Hall Alan Wightman Alan Wightman  
Kim Harris     Clementine Edwards
Lewis Hobbs Lee Cousins Lee Cousins  
Rene Howe Joe English Joe English Reggie Sachdev
Tyriq Hunte     Bertie Edwards
Romario Jonas David Richbell David Richbell  
Dylan Kearney Michael Houlihan Michael Houlihan  
Silver Jubilee Park Silver Jubilee Park  
Prince Mbengui John Phillips John Phillips  
Marvin Morgan Ted Lee Ted Lee  
William Murphy      
Matty Newman Janet & Tom Pevehouse Janet & Tom Pevehouse  
Stephane Ngamvoulou      
Junior Osborne Chris Harte Chris Harte  
Zaki Oualah Matt Shotter Matt Shotter  
David Coote Rob Wakeley  
Rob Pattwell     Spencer Taylor
Luke Tingey Peter Dean   Niamh Taylor