Community Coaching

Hendon FC are delighted to announce the joining of forces with Challenge Sport and Education Ltd in an initiative that aims to raise our profile in the Hendon and soon to be Harrow area.

Challenge not only offer a range of specialist curriculum cover, including sports coaching to primary schools but also provide children with opportunities to play football with the emphasis being on personal development and enjoyment.

This exciting partnership gives Hendon FC a closer link with local school children and lays down the foundations for a sustainable future youth system as well as the re-introduction of sports holiday courses and evening coaching sessions for 5-11 year olds.

We are very excited about what this partnership will bring, and we hope that it will help us attract the next generation of Hendon FC fans.

Hendon FC are delighted to offer locals schools After School Clubs. If your school are interested please call 0844 693 2220 or email us at

Please visit Challenge Sport & Education for further details.